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ClickBoard wall and ceiling

Wall / Ceil­ing ClickBoard









 Parador ClickBoard provide a timeless way of cladding your walls and ceilings. Crucial benefits of cladding walls and ceilings are the optical enhancement of defective bare ceilings, the variation and application options of light systems, the fitting of installation cables, the improved sound insulation to flats above, but also the ability to reduce the height of ceilings with a suspended installation.

The Parador wall/ceiling products impress by means of their modern look combined with convenient assembly for many application areas: ceilings, walls and loft extensions. They are also ideally suitable for renovating existing panelled ceilings and for assembly ready to use. Without filling, sanding, painting or wallpapering. This is still possible, nevertheless, with our ClickBoard products, for example for value retention purposes.


Use­ful in­form­a­tion about Parador wall/​ceil­ing products ClickBoard

Innovation meets design quality. Not only on the floor. Parador therefore offers a wide selection of design elements for wall and ceiling - from the classic wood decor and plaster looks through to floral patterns. Find out everything about the optical and technical features of panels and ClickBoard here. You will also get tips on installation and care.

Why­Parador Wall/​ceil­ing ClickBoard products are spe­cial

Parador not only prepares the ground for exclusive furnishing. Sophisticated products for wall and ceiling extend the Parador assortment beyond this to a high level. Parador ClickBoard  panels turn wall and ceiling areas from architectural necessities into expressive elements of individual furnishing style. There are hardly any boundaries to creative intentions in this respect. With a variety of decors and textures, Parador offers the right product for walls and ceilings in every room and every style.


Parador products for walls and ceilings are made virtually from one hundred per cent wood. Together with high density wood fibreboards, the decor papers enable high quality timbers to be interpreted authentically. But other materials, such as stone or concrete, can also be found among our true to nature decors with their different formats, installation and joint patterns.


Parador ClickBoard are distinguished by a functional composition and intelligent technology. Our patented click mechanism thus guarantees an easy installation; different joint variations offer a wide spectrum of various design options. Different widths and installation-friendly formats are matched to the various applications of walls, ceilings and loft extensions and ensure easy handling.

Health in the home

Parador wall and ceiling products are low on emissions and allergens and ensure a pleasant indoor climate. We are happy to demonstrate this by only using materials that are healthy for the home. Test certificates issued by the LGA and Blauer Engel (Blue Angel) give our customers the required peace of mind. Parador ClickBoard and Parador wall and ceiling panels are very durable and easy to clean, making them perfect for households with pets, children and allergy sufferers.

Sur­face tex­ture

High quality and authentic decors for classic to modern home-living acquire their particular feel from special surface textures. It gives the design depth and makes it tangible.

Click­Board Fine plaster

With its fine, slightly rough surface, this texture can barely be told apart from real fine plaster.

Product lines

The standards of modern architecture and renovation place different challenges on us in terms of the design and function of walls and ceilings. For this reason Parador ClickBoard  turn wall and ceiling areas from architectural necessities into functional and also highly expressive elements of your furnishing style – and hence provide the right product for every room and requirement

plpg300SF_feuchtraumgeeignetSuitable for damp rooms

Due to a swell-resistant core board and a moisture-repellent reverse side, ClickBoard can also be used in kitchens and bathrooms. Not for use where water lodges.


Good light fastness in accordance with DIN EN ISO 4892-2 prevents fading due to sunlight.


plpg234SF_lichteinbaugeeignetSuitability for light fittings

Recessed lights can be used without hesitation due to the heat resistance of ClickBoard.



Due to the patented click mechanism with Safe-Lock® profile, the panels click in place without any problem and can  therefore be easily joined together.

Sur­face tex­ture

High quality and authentic decors for classic to modern home-living acquire their particular feel from special surface textures. It gives the design depth and makes it tangible.

Click­Board Fine plaster

With its fine, slightly rough surface, this texture can barely be told apart from real fine plaster

Wall / ceil­ing joint pat­tern ClickBoard

Besides the decor, format and surface texture, the joint pattern also determines the characteristic look of the panels considerably. The products in the ClickBoard range, on the other hand, are assembled without joints and create an almost seamless look. Whilst jointless panelling creates a calm, self-contained impression, an installation with joints underlines the individual character of the planks. With a choice between various joint patterns, Parador extends the scope to create individual designs.



Jointless (ClickBoard)

Panels fit together without a noticeable connection. Closed overall impression.





Wall/​ceil­ing product com­pos­i­tion

Click­Board com­pos­i­tion

  1. Highly wear-resistant top layer made of melamine resin coating with embossed surface structure
  2. Decor layer printed with organic dyes
  3. Barrier paper
  4. Safe-Lock® profile
  5. Moisture-repellent reverse side
  6. Special swell-resistant core board
  7. Renovation-friendly due to low installation height


Parador ClickBoard and panels are ideally suitable for fitting ceilings, loft extensions, or as lightweight partition walls. Due to the variety of application purposes, we offer you our products in various formats.

Parador panels ClickBoard (useful coverage)

1285 x 389 mm x 12 mm

2585 x 389 mm x 12 mm

2585 x 492 mm x 12 mm


Click­Board pro­files

To match our ClickBoard products, we recommend that you use our universal and end profiles. They are made of an HDF core, which is covered with high quality decor paper and perfectly matched to the ClickBoard surfaces.


Wissenswertes_WandDecke_Universalleiste_ULUniversal profile UL (H  12 mm W  47 mm)

The universal profiles from the ClickBoard profile system are used as edge fastening for ClickBoard, for external and internal corners, as well as for a wide range of connections and coverings. Assembly is particularly easy due to the continuous fastening profile and clip system.






Wissenswertes_WandDecke_Abschlussleiste_ALEnd profile AL (H  12 mm W  32 mm)

The end profiles from the ClickBoard profile system are used all around the area to fasten the ClickBoard edges. The gap at the edge is covered in the process. Assembly is particularly easy due to the continuous fastening profile and clip system.






Care & cleaning­ wall & ceiling

A distinguishing feature of Parador wall and ceiling panels is their particular durability and value retention.

ClickBoard and decor panels can be easily cleaned using a dampened cloth. Damage to the surface can be evened out on ClickBoard using a repair compound of a matching colour. Over and above this, if you want to renovate or redesign, Parador ClickBoard can easily be painted or wallpapered.


Assembly  wall & ceiling

Parador ClickBoard and decor panels can basically be used in all living areas. It is therefore also possible to use them in rooms with changing climate conditions, such as the bathroom or kitchen. ClickBoard and decor panels should not be used in areas where water splashes.

To prevent damage, especially long formats should be carried by two people. Before assembly, for acclimatisation purposes the panels must be stored for at least 48 hours in unopened packaging at their place of installation. For the assembly process, a substructure is necessary, which is panelled with ClickBoard or the decor panels.

Make sure that the substructure is correctly aligned so that an optimal assembly result is ensured. For panels ClickBoard from  12 mm, the distance to the substructure must be 60 cm.. Please make sure during assembly that the groove on the panels points downwards. 

Assembly can then be accomplished on one's own, but it is easier with two people. ClickBoard is fastened to the substructure in the middle of the area using centre clamps. Wide ClickBoard panels are not suitable as ceiling cladding due to their high weight. For fitting under the ceiling, narrow ClickBoard panels must therefore be resorted to.


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